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That story about changing colours.
Just like with the Model One, we strived to add a changing element to our second creation, the GMT.
The GMT casing is made of bronze, which reacts to oxygen as well as to the pH of your skin. This process is called “oxydation”. The colour changes from a shiny to a matt bronze all the way to a darkened bronze with beautiful turquoise patches. The duration of this transformation depends on how often you wear your watch and the pH of your skin. This means that your watch’s patina will be as unique as you.
​The part of the casing that actually touches your skin when you wear the watch is made of stainless steel, so you will not experience skin coloration.


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Werk:  Automatic, ETA 2893-2 Elaboré
Material Gehäuse:  Bronze
Durchmesser Gehäuse: 40mm
Glas: Saphir
Armband mit Dornschliesse