stands for emotionthe driving force behind everything we do. We know the unique feeling, that only passionate afficionados and collectors know. That very special fascination, that mechanical wristwatches bestow upon us with their perfect interaction of form and function. For us, watches don‘t just tell us the time, they tell us stories of style, of attitude and of true identy.
stands for quality, which for us means one thing in particular: No compromises! Perfection in every detail? High-quality material processing in all areas? The answer to these questions in connection with genuine, traditional watchmaking can be found in this combination only at one place in the world: in Switzerland, the location of our production. But here, too, we were convinced from the outset: we did not want to be satisfied with the 60% value added (for a Swiss-made demand). We wanted everything: 100% Swiss made. Without compromises. That is why every EQVIS watch comes completely, ie down to the smallest screw, from the land of cheese and chocolate.
stands for the vision of EQVIS‘ founder and head of design, Simon Schmidt. The vision of high-end mechanical wristwatches, whose components complement each other beyond doubt. For his first watch, under his own direction, Simon Schmidt wanted nothing short of absolute perfection. From the harmonious totality to the smallest detail, it is the manifestation of a long-standing dream. The initial result of this dream is the Varius, a 100% Swiss made mechanical masterpiece that is both individual and extremely variable at the same time.

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